Natalie E. Fox (she/her)

Founder & CEO

Natalie E. Fox (she/her)

"From far above the trees,
above the mountains and seas,
all the way up past the clouds and rain,
there you'll find me, aboard a plane,
and though you may not think me as transcendent,
welcome aboard.
- Your Flight Attendant”
I am also a flight attendant and enjoy spending my days traversing our beautiful planet with my Nikon D750.
I edit all of my own shots, and I want to take yours.


I have been studying photography since 2006. The simple act of taking a photo has always brought me joy, whether it be a photo of a majestic landscape, a unique human, or an everyday object. That joy is the reason I chose to take my photography into the professional realm. Following my passion and honing my craft has been the most satisfying work I have done in my life. It is my mission to spread that joy and love to others through Natalie Fox Photography.


From my full-time occupation as a Flight Attendant, to my strong passion for the outdoors, I have always had a love of exploring our beautiful world. Seeking to share that passion with others, I utilize my opportunities to photograph wherever I travel. By doing so, I endeavor to bring the world to individuals who may not have the same travel opportunities that I am so grateful for.


So far, my greatest success in life has been my transition, giving me the ability to be myself, for myself, by myself. Being honest and genuine in my identity liberated me from living a life of lies and despair. I am Safe-Zone Certified, and I do not allow bigotry, hate, or prejudice in my photoshoots. I do not let myself be a bystander; I uphold firm values of respect, honesty, and integrity. I seek to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community through my photography.