Rocket A Hanson (they/them)


Rocket A Hanson (they/them)

Joined Natalie Fox Photography in 2020


Rocket A Hanson is a nonbinary millennial based in Seattle. They have a passion for all visual and written arts, and hold a day job as a barista. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Rocket is using their writing experience to help others communicate effectively. They’re especially excited to pour their energy into supporting, promoting, and representing the queer community.


To live authentically as myself has been the most empowering and liberating experience of my life. I’m grateful to know many trans and nonbinary people who have enriched my world more than I’d ever thought possible. I love my queer family and I strive to bring more visibility, understanding, and acceptance of LGBTQ+ folks to our society.


I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. My main inspirations have been old manga, anime, and western animation. My favorite things to draw are character designs, with a special love for monster people and cryptids. Queer folks have been represented or coded in media as monstrous, and I’m here to reclaim those traits and make them powerful. I also make fan art, tabletop rpg character portraits, and tattoo designs!

Insatiably Curious

I’m always up for learning something new. I’m fascinated by etymology, art history, and the details of how any craft is made. You can find me lost down a rabbit hole of YouTube tutorial videos any day of the week. I assert that having a wide range of such knowledge, and learning how to listen, has made me a better artist, communicator, and all around better person.