and it has a sort of je ne sois quoi about it


Join celebrity makeup artist Fei Xu (she/her), and international photographer Natalie Fox (she/her) in curating a boudoir experience like no other.

Together Fei & Fox will guide you through a unique experience curated to you own reasons to pursue the art form. We know there are SO many reasons for a boudoir shoot, and we LOVE that!

Boudoir is classically defined as a woman's bedroom or private room. However the artistic genre has often been misconstrued as overtly sexual in contrast to its origin

Feeling Comfortable before your session is important

That is why we require all of our guests to sign up for a free consultation prior to booking any sessions.

In the consultation we will discuss

  • Meet and Greet
  • Goals + Boundaries
  • Clothing + Makeup + Hair Suggestions
  • Photo Composition & Styles
  • Booking Your Session + Contract Signing


Fei Xu is doing what she loves. As a licensed esthetician, manicurist, and cosmetologist she has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years. She considers herself a late-bloomer, as she discovered her calling as a creative expert after first finding success within the financial and investment world. Always being creative since her childhood, she answered the call for creative beauty soon after. Her journey so far has lead her to work with a variety of amazing clients including celebrities. With each day she looks to inspire and be inspired in the beauty world she loves. 


Natalie Fox, owner of Natalie Fox Photography LLC is an international photographer curating unique photographic experiences all around the world. Natalie has been studying photography since 2006, and performs a wide variety of service from boudoir, to event, to food & beverage, to drone, to wedding photography, and much more. She identifies as transgender and is passionate about body positivity, self-love, and individual expression.

"As a transwoman I’ve always wanted to embrace my femininity, and my body."

Natalie Fox


Whatever your reason, its yours to pursue, and we’ll help in creating the MAGIC! Sign up for your free consultation prior to booking your session to ensure you are comfortable for the session, clothing suggestions after the booking.

Makeup and hair is included in each session, just bring your amazing self.

"I want embrace my curves and my body, and empower myself."

Gabriel S.

"Our wedding is coming up, and we want to do a couples session to celebrate the occasion, and feel amazing!"

Gabriel S.

"Before I get older, I want to document my youth."

Gabriel S.