Come into our studio, and get in touch with your feminine side as Fei Xu, and Natalie Fox curate an experience like no other. Whether you're transgender, cross-dresser, gender curious, closeted, or out, any identity, and want a Feminine Experience, Fei & Fox will take care of you. From wardrobe, to hair & makeup, to posing, and even going out on the town, we have you covered.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so your initial consultation is also your opportunity to get to know your Fem Ex Team, Fei & Fox before your big day. We respect discretion, and understand that not everyone is public, or comfortable expressing themselves in a feminine way. Natalie Fox is 'Safe Zone' certified, and as a transwoman herself understands how important the safety aspects of this service is. Rest assured we take every precaution, and are open to ...


This will be your opportunity to meet our Fem Ex team: Fei & Fox, and be able to get answers to any lingering questions you have before your session. This will be our opportunity to learn about you too, and what femininity means to you, as well as draft up potential looks, and ideas for your uniquely curated experience.


  • General Introduction (Name, Pronouns, Ice Breakers, ETC)
  • Getting to Know the Fem Ex Team
  • Getting to Know the Client
  • What does the word "Feminine" mean to you?
  • ...


Your wardrobe is curated by Fei & Fox prior to your session date, and is based off of what is discussed in the initial consultation. Sizing, Color, Style, Patterns, Accessories, and much more will be used to find those pieces that will be used for your session. If you have your own garments, or accoutrements that you wish to utilize, we encourage you to bring those as well.

Beauty Styling

Fei Xu will be your guide as you delve into the intricacies of the beauty styling. As a celebrity hair and makeup artist, she has a wide breadth of experience which she will use to turn you into your feminine self. From makeup application, to wig stylings, to nail application, and much more, Fei will cover every avenue of the feminine aesthetic. In your initial consultation we will discuss how to show up to your session including: facial hair, body hair, etc. and how to best prepare.


International professional photographer Natalie Fox will curate your photo sessions throughout the day. After you are all glammed up, you will step into the studio for your photo debut. Natalie will aid to coach posing, lighting, and a diverse array of stylish shots. After the studio some clients (package depending) will head out on the town either to lunch, or a cafe for further photographic experiences, before coming back to the studio where you can review your images, and select which ones you want to take home with you.

Pricing Guide


$600 | 3 HOURS

1 Beauty Styling
1 Outfit
1h Studio Photoshoot

Meet your Artists

Fei Xu (She | Her)

Celebrity Hair & Make Up Artist

Fei Xu is doing what she loves. As a licensed esthetician, manicurist, and cosmetologist she has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years.


How do you protect my privacy?

We work to keep all of your information private, and will make accommodations to better serve your discretions regarding your service/experience.

How should I come to the booking?

Based on your unique features, we will discuss this in the consultation. Generally, will will want you to take care of any facial hair, leg hair, and chest hair prior to the experience, but this is not necessary all the time. Please ensure to shower before coming, and that your hair has had time to dry.

How to pose for the photo shoot?

Natalie Fox & Fei Xu will curate unique poses for you during your experience. Please feel free to create a inspo board on pinterest to help curate your experience.

How many pictures will we receive?

Each hour of photography will turn around 75-100 diverse and usable images. You will received 10 color-corrected, and lightly touched images. There are available add-ons should you want more images, as well as an opportunity to have each photo specifically retouched for full GLAM.