We are a uniquely collaborative photography brand. We cultivate community through our adaptive and mutually developmental photographic experiences.


To illustrate, network, and promote humanitarian efforts through individually curated, photographic, and developmental services.


To illustrate, network, and promote humanitarian efforts through individually curated, photographic, and developmental services.

Brand Details

Defining Our Why

You may have seen our slogan, "Bringing Humanity back to Humanity" and not fully understand where it came from, allow me to explain.

As the world becomes more populated, there is a greater demand for the essentials of life; Food, Water, Shelter, Love... etc. These essentials are not as renewable as we like to think they are, and have been depleting for sometime now. As the supply has diminished, or become tainted, human kind has become relatively less benign, and has started to take advantage of these resources without recognizing it. Can you remember a time when you've seen someone on the street asking for money, or food? How about a time when you've seen trash on the sidewalk, or on a beach? What about the last time you've been hurt, and nobody helped, or acknowledge your pain? If you're like me, you have probably experienced too much of all of this. What did you do in these scenarios?
I can tell you that not everyone would give someone food, or pick up the trash, or even acknowledge someone in pain, BUT there are those people, and businesses who do. We call these people, and businesses Entitles Of Good (EOG), and we define those actions to be acts of humanity.

So who are we, what are we doing, and why are we doing it?

We are Natalie Fox Photography, a group of humans, conscious of the humanitarian efforts of others, and we seek to provide representation, content, aid, and support for the Entities Of Good in our world, in order to bring humanity back to humanity.


To illustrate this, we will use the classic Dinner Party setting:

- We are decked out in apparel from our clients, partners, and sponsors, but not like that branded Wayfarer look. Our fashion is unique, trendy, and modern. Each article worthy of inquiry, and we love to talk about what were wearing, who made it, and how its ethical. If the person were talking to likes it enough, its theirs in a heartbeat. We enjoy fashion, but are never vain, and are always wearing our generosity.

Who Are We Talking To:
- We are of course talking to the host, and paying everyone the due perforce of recognition, but the souls lingering in the corners of the room suffering from social anxiety are our real targets. Learning about what bring them joy, and what makes them feel fulfilled is important to us. We are very sincere and complimentary towards idiosyncrasies that we find appealing of who we are talking to.
If we are ever in a crowd, and the attention is drawn to us, we make a distinct choice to express gratitude for being there, and meeting everyone.

- We are trying everything, because someone put their time and energy into the food. When it comes to quantity, we will only eat until we are 80% full. Eating at a dinner party is not required, but it is polite, and people need to eat, so why starve yourself.


Visibility | Integrity | Safe Space | Genuine | Generous | Familiar | Welcoming | Adaptable | Insightful | Human | Inclusive | Personable | Passionate | Curious | Fun | Updated | Growth | Story Teller | Connection | Wholesome | Accessible | Ethical | Respect | Active | Consent | Personal | Valid | Empathetic | Authentic | Quality | Non-Bystander

How We Differentiate

The photography industry is broad, and while most photographers are focusing on the very lucrative wedding industry, we are more busy focusing on under-represented populations, the environment, and our EOGs. Many photographers prioritize on "Preserving Special Moments" with their work, whereas we prioritize cultivating visibility, and representation of unique and diverse communities, and businesses in need through individually curated photographic, and professionally developmental services.


The 5 Senses of Our Brand

Sight: Sunrise in the Forest
Warming, Illuminating, and a Transition from Darkness

Touch: Surface of Water (98.6F)
We are the infinitely subtle & soft perception of the boundary between two worlds.

Taste: Purified Water
Familiar, Refreshing, and Nourishing.

Smell: Deep Forest Petrichor
Timeless, Omnipresent, and Ever Growing.

Hear: Psithurism (sound of wind through trees)
Constantly in Motion, Subtly Affecting Our Environment, and Providing Direction











Pantone: 158 C

Pantone: PMS 313

Pantone: 627 U

Pantone: 17-4402 TPX


At NFP, “collaborative” means more than just working together to develop a product. We care about the intersection of mutual passions and values that drive us to create something together. We strive to partner with individuals and businesses whose goals and morals align with our own in order to create inspired content that represents multiple brand voices with integrity. With these collaborations, we provide our customers with quality services, products, and experiences that transcend the field of photography. Furthermore, we love to provide our collaborators with opportunities for growth in their own fields. We look forward to working with you!


As a business, we focus primarily on photography. But, as we seek to fulfill our mission, we are so much more than just a photography business. To NFP, business adaptation means being able to serve a wide range of client needs without compromising on quality. We understand that everyone has their own unique needs, pasts, and perspectives, and we provide an individualized service catered to that diversity with our photography.

An adaptive business is able to modify their services with the changing needs of the client, and we do our best to be flexible in that way.


"Human” is an important word to us, because it encompasses a unique role we fill on our planet, in that we have the capacity to empathize and to act on that empathy. We have the ability to understand other humans, animals, and even the environments that we all share. The greatest application of our humanity is to be self aware, to not be a bystander to hate, and to protect each other and our planet. A human is able to connect with the world, and has the power to make a difference for the better. Bringing Humanity Back to Humanity is my personal mission, and I seek to accomplish that by raising the visibility of Entities of Good in the world. I want to provide a platform for these inspiring individuals in the hope that we can lead people into a place of mutual respect for all living things.

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I have worked with Natalie multiple times and she is nothing short of amazing! She always goes above and beyond to get the shot. She is super fun and easygoing, and comes up with creative ideas to enhance the photos, both during your shoot/event and afterwards. Most recently she photographed my daughter's sweet 16 which went longer than expected. She even went as far as to take one of our cell phones once the sun went down so she could keep working and we could keep enjoying the party. I highly recommend...

Sparklle Thames